New Orleans' bridge across Mississippi River
Jazzing it up in New Orleans
Mississippi river, Louisiana
Louisiana's Plantation House
Views of Louisiana
Beautiful Louisiana flora

Inspiring guides for your holiday to Louisiana

Louisiana is a cool state through and through. From the classy jazz bars and innovative restaurants, to trendy New Orleans and the totally chilled attitude, Louisiana is perfect for those who want to blend in with the locals and experience the coveted Deep South lifestyle.

Our travel guides focus on a multitude of experiences that can be had in this friendly state.

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Experience a cultural road trip through the Bayou state: Lafayette to the end of the world

Louisiana boasts one of America’s most colourful histories and unique cultures, colonised by France and later settled by the Spanish, Africans and Caribbean people that has resulted in its large Creole and Cajun communities, greatly influencing the music, food and language.

How to experience the best of Louisiana's nature and wildlife

While Louisiana may best be known for its tasty Cajun cuisine, antebellum plantation homes and, of course, the wild party known as Mardi Gras in New Orleans, it also offers a ton when it comes to nature and wildlife.

A true taste of Louisiana

If you want to taste the world without spending years travelling around the Earth, here’s everything you need to know about Louisiana’s cuisine, from its fascinating history, to drool-worthy food festivals and the most emblematic dishes.

A beginner's guide to Louisiana's waterways

Visit the spectacular Toledo Bend Reservoir (the fifth largest in the US) or visit Lake Pontchartrain and discover the diverse wildlife in its habitat alongside the lake.

A beginner's guide to Louisiana's outdoor adventures

Take a swamp tour, explore the wetlands on a kayak or have a go at fishing- Louisiana offers many fantastic activities alongside its fantastic jazz and riverboats.

Experience a tour of Louisiana's swamps

The Bayou State is renowned for its unique Cajun culture and provides the opportunity for a close-up look at some mysterious wetlands in unspoiled, remote regions.

Discovering the music of the Deep South

America's Deep South states are well known for their rich musical heritage. Whether you're a fan of the blues, country, soul, or good old rock 'n' roll, we've got all the information and interesting facts you need to know.

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