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America's Rockies & Prairies

Boasting national parks & mountainous frontiers

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From incredible wildernesses of soaring mountains, sweeping plains and luscious forest, to authentic cowboy ranches and towns that stay true to their ancient Native American culture…this is the real America. Read more...

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Explore the Beauty of America's Rockies & Prairies

To truly understand a destination, you need to get out and explore. This is the ethos of America’s rockies and prairies, a region where days are spent hiking or horse riding, discovering breath-taking scenes and breathing in the wild air.

With the likes of Wyoming and South Dakota, the Real America region is an adventurous traveller’s paradise.  Live out your wildest Western dreams with a stay in an authentic ranch, getting stuck in with the rest of the cowboys and riding your horse across endless plains, or experience a traditional rodeo and the comradery it evokes. Drive through South Dakota’s luscious Black Hills in search of the famous Mount Rushmore and the lesser known – but perhaps even more breath-taking – Crazy Horse Memorial. Wander to Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park and discover geothermal activity like no other, or explore Utah’s eclectic contrast of city and stunning natural beauty.

If you hope to discover America beyond the usual city breaks and coastal getaways, this area of the country is perfect for you. Grab your hiking boots and your camera, and get to experiencing real America’s outdoors lifestyle.

Five reasons to visit America’s Rockies & Prairies

  • Transport yourself back to the wild west days at South Dakota’s Deadwood, offering casinos, lagoon bars and shoot-out re-enactments
  • You’ll have the chance to explore some amazing national parks, including the jaw-dropping natural forms in Utah’s Arches National Park and Yellowstone’s geothermal activity
  • There’s plenty of amazing historical figures to find out more about, including Sitting Bull, Wild Bill Hickok and Crazy Horse
  • The wildlife encounters are spectacular here: coyotes, prairies dogs, buffalo and eagles, to name a few
  • You can stay in some unique accommodation in the Rockies, including rustic mountain lodges and cosy cabins

America's Rockies & Prairies Information

There are a wide variety of things to see and do whilst staying in America's Rockies & Prairies. Check out our travel guides for some of the highlights, top tips and travel inspiration from our American Sky Experts, along with some essential information you may need for your holiday.

The ultimate guide to getting around Real America The ultimate guide to getting around Real America
South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana epitomise Real America with thousands of miles of unspoiled wilderness, prairies that stretch as far as the eye can see, majestic mountains, sparkling lakes, cascading falls along with real-life cowboys, ranches and rodeos.
Top 10 outdoor experiences in Real America Top 10 outdoor experiences in Real America
From endless stretches of prairie to soaring mountains, glistening lakes, unique rock formations and abundant wildlife, Real America is an area of the northern USA you won’t soon forget.

Indulge in a Real America food & drink experience Indulge in a Real America food & drink experience
Tasting your way through Real America, experiencing its restaurants, from casual eateries to fine dining, bars, breweries and distilleries, is an especially enjoyable way to get a more in-depth look at this region.

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