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Exotic beaches, lively waterfronts, vibrant festivals, soaring mountain ranges – all this and more can be found in the subtropical oasis of South Carolina. Read more...

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Explore the subtropical beaches & marshlike islands of South Carolina

South Carolina is a quintessentially Southern state, renowned for its fascinating history, elegant architecture, relaxed pace of life, sizzling barbeque and fine weather, amongst plenty more. It’s simply one of the most historic, romantic and beautiful states in the US, with something to suit every fancy.

The state’s principal cities, including Charleston, Savannah, Greenville and Beaufort, are among some of the most attractive in the country, featuring splendid antebellum architecture, charming cobblestone streets and heaps of local hospitality. Charleston harbours pastel-coloured houses, an attractive waterfront, picturesque public gardens and several old plantations within easy reach. Couples will relish the romantic atmosphere with carriage rides, leisurely strolls, sunset cruises and intimate dinners on offer. Meanwhile, Savannah boasts an immaculately preserved historic district where you can wander the streets, learn about the cotton trade and Civil War era and soak in the unmistakable southern charm.

Cultural and recreational opportunities also abound. A host of vibrant festivals and events pepper the calendar year-round. The state takes its sports seriously, with particularly strong college rivalries promising thrilling match experiences. South Carolina is also one of the premier golfing destinations in the US, whilst its extensive coastline provides endless fun for water sports enthusiasts. The region is home to a stunning collection of beaches and lively waterfronts, including the ever-popular vacation town of Myrtle beach.

Top reasons to visit South Carolina

  • South Carolina’s cities are unlike those you’ll find anywhere else in the country. Historic downtowns packed with immaculately preserved buildings and grand antebellum residences coexist with revitalised pockets filled with interesting boutiques, hip eateries and exciting nightlife
  • The state’s subtropical coastline is lined with exotic palm-studded beaches reminiscent of the Caribbean. Myrtle beach offers endless entertainment for the entire family, whilst the more laidback resorts of the low country are perfect for those in search of relaxation or exciting wildlife encounters
  • Escape the crowds and get out into nature. Head to the breath-taking Blue Ridge Mountains, visit marsh-filled sea islands or venture inland to explore wild undeveloped state parks
  • Fantastic food, drink and festivals. There’s no better place to sample all the southern classics, from shrimp and grits, to sweet tea and delicious barbeque. Hit the renowned Charleston Food & Wine Festival or let your hair down at any number of music and performing arts festivals

South Carolina Information

There are a wide variety of things to see and do whilst staying in South Carolina. Check out our travel guides for some of the highlights, top tips and travel inspiration from our American Sky Experts, along with some essential information you may need for your holiday.

Exploring the plantations & gardens of Charleston Exploring the plantations & gardens of Charleston
Charleston is not only one of the most charming, picturesque cities in America’s South, it’s a place that’s steeped in tradition and rich history, with its plantations and gardens offering a fascinating glimpse into the area’s storied past.

Exploring Charleston’s Barrier Islands Exploring Charleston’s Barrier Islands
The Barrier Islands lie just beyond the city limits of Charleston, South Carolina. Exploring them offers the ideal opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle, soak up some sunshine along the coast and enjoy a wealth of outdoor adventure.

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