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Horse riding in Monument Valley

Adventure Holidays

For the adventurous souls

We have an amazing selection of adventurous tours and holidays, with a whole host of activities and excursions to thrill and excite all ages. From hiking in Yosemite National Park and enjoying a ranching holiday in Arizona, to white-water rafting in Alaska and camping in New England, here at American Sky we know how to get the heart pumping. Fancy creating your own adventure? Give us a call and we’ll tailor-make a trip of a lifetime just for you.

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Discover Adventure Holidays

Though a beach holiday can be heavenly, sometimes we just want a good old American adventure. We’ve handpicked our favourite adventure tours and holidays that will be sure to excite all ages.

Whether you fancy enjoying a unique ranching trip, riding the waves with thrilling water-sports, getting back to nature with a week of camping, or driving along the iconic Route 66, we’ve got the adventure for you. Our travel experts are also on hand if you fancy tailor-making your own wild itinerary – just give us a call.

Why book an adventure holiday with American Sky?

  • We specialise in tailor-made holidays, meaning you can create an adventurous itinerary completely dedicated to you, with exceptional value for money
  • Our team of travel experts know all of America’s best adventure spots and can offer the best advice around
  • Head back to the Wild West with a fantastic ranching holiday, a truly unique experience
  • America is home to incredible National Parks, all with exciting activities and excursions – including hiking, biking, camping and water sports - and we have a collection of fantastic tours dedicated to them

Adventure Holidays Information

Our Adventure Holidays offer a wide variety of things to see and do during your trip. Check out our travel guides for plenty of travel inspiration and tips from our American Sky experts to create the perfect holiday for you.

Top 10 outdoor experiences in Real America Top 10 outdoor experiences in Real America
From endless stretches of prairie to soaring mountains, glistening lakes, unique rock formations and abundant wildlife, Real America is an area of the northern USA you won’t soon forget.

Top 10 Wild West towns in America Top 10 Wild West towns in America
We travel to the USA's former frontier boomtowns, most of which still embrace their Wild West past (gun-slinging cowboys, dastardly outlaws, swinging saloon doors, one-room jailhouses, liquor-fuelled shootouts over hands of poker) and show America as it once was.
Top 10 outdoor experiences in Utah Top 10 outdoor experiences in Utah
From road tripping over barren, burnt orange desert and marvelling at geothermal wonders, to hiking up temples and stargazing in Dark Sky Parks…Utah is full of incredible pinch me moments. Here are our top 10 outdoor experiences.

 Experience a tour of Louisiana's swamps Experience a tour of Louisiana's swamps
The Bayou State is renowned for its unique Cajun culture and provides the opportunity for a close-up look at some mysterious wetlands in unspoiled, remote regions.
Embark on a grand Colorado railroad adventure Embark on a grand Colorado railroad adventure
Colorado boasts a rich railroad history, including pioneering narrow gauge mountain tracks ascending high into the alpine and providing unique access to some of the state’s most beautiful, diverse and remote landscapes.

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