Dus Santa Monica Mountains
Santa Monica
The lifeguard watchtowers on Venice Beach
Santa Monica Pier at sunset
Beautiful beach houses lining Santa Monica's coast

Inspiring guides for your holiday to Santa Monica

With dazzling sunshine year-round, and a wonderful laidback and outdoorsy lifestyle of swimming, cycling, sunbathing, visiting art galleries and dining al fresco, Santa Monica is a popular spot for delving into the desirable Californian spirit.

Mostly known as the backdrop to Baywatch, our guides go beyond the well-known and introduce you to what the city is really about – great people, fun experiences, and living life in the sun.

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Recommendations for spending 48 hours in Santa Monica

Whether you’re visiting L.A. or plan to tackle the legendary journey that is Route 66, it’s worth spending at least 48 hours in beachside Santa Monica.

Useful Facts

Travelling to Santa Monica? From flight times to Visa requirements, our handy guide has all the tips and advice you need to ensure your journey runs smoothly.

Santa Monica beach holidays

Catch the waves and join in with the laidback Californian vibe at Santa Monica beach, full of colourful lifeguard huts, fitness fanatics, family-fun and delicious bars and restaurants.

Eating and Drinking

If you're seeking authentic Cali cuisine, look no further than Santa Monica. From healthy lunches to innovative bars, the food and drinks scene here is eclectic and trendy.

Things To Do

Starting to create your Santa Monica itinerary? We have plenty of ideas on where to go and what to do while you're here. From iconic Muscle Beach, to where to watch the sunset, take a look at our guide for more tips.

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