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Things To Do and Excursions

Wine Tours

The wonderful, golden climate of California makes it perfectly suited to wine-producing, so where better to take a wine tour? The Napa Valley is wine country, as is Solvang in Santa Barbara, both picturesque destinations for a sedate and memorable holiday.


The almost year-round weather means outdoor activities can take place practically any time you travel. Bask in the sunshine as you trek through the multitude of national parks and natural wonders, from Yosemite National Park to the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


The coastline stretches across more than 1100 miles and offers up some great beaches along the way that are ideal if you want to take part in an adrenalin-fuelled watersport session. Why not surf the waves in Orange County or San Diego, or go scuba diving along the coast? And there’s always river rafting through the Sierras if you really want to get your heartbeat racing.


America is well-known for being a shopping mecca, with such a vast array of stores, malls and boutiques to choose from. California is no exception, particularly in the larger cities such as Los Angeles. Whether you want to hunt through vintage threads in some lesser-known boutique or splash the cash in the top designer stores, there’s a shopping haven for just about everyone here.

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