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Eating, Drinking & Nightlife


California offers up a smorgasbord of culinary delights, from organic Farmer’s markets to gourmet restaurants and quaint family-run vineyards. The people here really enjoy good food, and that shows in the pride they take to produce local dishes and wines. You’ll find there’s an emphasis on fresh ingredients and healthy meals that are heavily influenced by the landscape. That said, there’s a diverse restaurant scene and you can find pretty much anything if you look hard enough.

Naturally, as you head to the more rural areas, the food reflects a simpler pace of life and becomes more meat-heavy; vegan, vegetarian and organic restaurants are more commonly found in the cities. January is Restaurant Month in California, where you can sample some of the very best this state has to offer – there are numerous events and celebrations focused around the food and drinks here.


California is world-renowned for its rich, fruity wines – the sun-blushed landscape is perfect for verdant vineyards that produce some fantastic wines.  Why not spend time in the Napa Valley, exploring the vineyards on a relaxed wine tour? It’s also a great producer of gourmet beers, which you should aim to try while you’re here.


The larger cities offer some fantastic options in terms of nightlife, from clubs and bustling bars to sophisticated cocktail lounges and live music. Head to San Francisco to experience the classic speakeasies or explore Los Angeles if you’re looking for bustling clubs and glamorous bars. As you head further out from the city centres, you’ll find more relaxed venues with a quieter vibe.

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