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Eating and Drinking


Chicago is renowned as a foodie destination, with some classic dishes you simply have to try while you’re here. First stop is for a deep-dish pizza, which the Windy City has become famous for. A hearty, gooey combination of thick dough base filled to the brim with meats or vegetables, cheese and topped with piping hot tomato sauce. There are plenty of places to find this local treasure but for a really authentic spot, chat to the locals – everyone has an opinion on the best pizzeria in the city.

Another, more unique, addition to the menu is a classic Chicago-style hot dog which is slightly different to other cities in the US. Chicagoans take this fast food staple very seriously, where you’ll be treated to an all-beef Vienna hot dog topped with yellow mustard, relish, tomato wedges, chopped onions, hot peppers and a pickle spear, all crammed into a steamed poppy seed bun. True Chicago-style dogs don’t feature ketchup – in fact, many places refuse to stock it!


Chicago is a fantastic drinking spot, with a lively bar culture found within its perimeters.  Spending time in bars is more common here than clubbing, with the best places for drinking found in North Centre, Wicker Park and Logan Square. Jazz and blues are popular here, with a number of authentic venues for live music and some fantastic performers – stopping by one of these bars is a must during your stay.

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