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Moira & Douglas share their USA holiday story with us

Moira and Douglas travelled on our Classic New England self-drive tour. Here's what they had to say:

mystic connecticut

I’ve previously lived in America (Arizona) and exploring the East Coast was something I had always wanted to do. My boyfriend, who went on this trip also, had never been to America and also wanted to explore the East Coast due to his passion for the Boston Bruins. It was then decided that a fly and drive holiday was the best option for us as we love driving but had never actually been on this holiday type before.

We enjoyed all aspects of the tour, especially the fact that we got to see so many different landscapes and environments. The pace of the holiday was just right – enough time to properly explore places before heading onto the next place. There was only one long day of driving but when you are prepared for it and know about it in advance, it doesn’t really matter.

There was much to see and of course we didn’t get to see everything we wanted but hiking in the White Mountains was definitely a highlight and wow moment, especially when it started to snow!

white mountains in new hampshire

Boston was fantastic as a city and we could have easily spent more time there – and I think this was also our main concern prior to going on this trip – not enough time to do and see everything! But I think this will always be the case so it didn’t really affect our trip all too much.

Boston Skyline Boston CR

The best food was definitely in Maine – we stopped several times to eat fresh seafood and it was simple the best!

maine lobsters

My only advice for people thinking about going on this tour is not to plan it too carefully in advance – there are always spontaneous moments that will take up your time.

We would like to thank Moira & Douglas for sharing their story with us and hope to welcome you on another holiday soon..

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