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Best beach holidays in America

Famous for gorgeous golden sand and inviting surf, America boasts some of the world’s finest beaches. But with so many to choose from, how do you find the best beach for you?

Take a look through our guides for more information in everything from the platinum sands of South Beach to the deserted stretches of Cape Cod. Whether you’re looking for world-class watersports, sun-kissed relaxation or the finest sand in America, we can help you find your perfect beach.

You can holiday like the Hollywood stars on California’s beautiful, award-winning beaches. Incredibly glamorous, with a myriad of bars, arcades, restaurants and attractions, there’s plenty to see and do on the State’s iconic stretches of sand. To have a break from the lively, water-sport enthused Venice Beach and Coronado Beach, drive along the coast to the naturally beautiful Lake Tahoe and Monterey Bay, offering an array of wildlife, soaring cliffs, and a tranquil atmosphere. Whichever you decide, we have excellent guides for California’s best beaches.
Laguna Niguel
Lake Tahoe
Los Angeles
Monterey Bay

Fantastic for families, party-goers and sun-soakers alike, Florida is home to a variety of fun, vibrant beaches everyone will enjoy. From Miami Beach’s art deco flair and Clearwater’s sunset parties, to Orlando’s theme park twin centres and Fort Lauderdale’s Everglades, it’s no wonder Florida is known as the Sunshine State, and is such a popular destination for beach holidays. Award-winning stretches of sand, enjoyable entertainment and delicious restaurants and bars – we’ve got it all in our Florida beach portfolios. 
Clearwater beach
Fort Lauderdale
Fort Myers
Key West
North Gulf Coast
South Gulf Coast
St Pete Beach

Aloha! If you desire coconuts on the beach, fruity cocktails and a whole host of fun, you’ve come to the right place. With some of the best waters to learn how to surf, a variety of quirky bars, and iconic swaying palms, it’s no wonder Hawaii holds one of the world’s most popular beaches. As well as the traditional beach excursions, drinks and sceneries, our guides will journey beyond the screen-saver beauty of Hawaii’s beaches and talk you through its rich history and culture, too.
Waikiki beach, Honolulu

A very nautical affair, you’ll be sure to see plenty of quaint fishing boats, pretty lighthouses and fresh lobster shacks dotted along Maine’s shores. You’ll be immersed in the maritime heritage of this charming State thanks to its rugged coastlines, saltwater marsh canoeing, and some of the best seafood in the world - and we bet you’ll be taken by its seaside charm. Come find out more about these picturesque beaches.

For a peaceful ambience and delightful sceneries, the colonial beaches of Massachusetts are a must-see. With stunning sand dunes, winding cycling trails, cute boutique shops and nautical lighthouses, Massachusett offers a quintessential trip to the beach that the whole family will enjoy. Don’t forget to try the State’s delicious just-caught seafood restaurants, including sumptuous fried clams – read our beach guides to find out more.
Cape Cod

South Carolina:
Known for its pristine beaches, marsh like Sea Islands, scenic boardwalks and pretty pastel coloured beach houses, it’s clear why South Carolina is a keen favourite amongst avid sunbathers. Families will love these palm fringed shores, but that’s not all – these striking white-sand coastlines are host to bustling festivals, exhilarating outdoor recreation, flourishing arts scenes, and even golf. We’ve got it all in our South Carolina beach guides.
Hilton Head
Myrtle Beach

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