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Eating and Drinking


Eating in Seattle is a gastronomic experience like no other. Sitting delightfully under the culinary radar in comparison to other gourmet cities such as Paris or New York, there’s plenty to keep your palate excited. Seafood, for one, is a fantastic ingredient readily used in the restaurants throughout the city.

If you’re a lover of fresh-as-it-gets fish and seafood dishes, then you’ll be pleased by the many offerings of Dungeness crab, scallops and oysters set before you in eccentric but charming eateries. Asian food is popular in Seattle and there are numerous edgy restaurants serving up a modern take on Korean, Japanese and Chinese fare. And thanks to the importance of locally and ethically produced food, there’s also a great selection of organic bistros too.


Microbreweries are a passion for Seattleites, with beer enthusiasts producing some fantastic local beverages sold in neighbourhood bars and stores. Seattle bars have some of the best beer selections in the whole of the U.S, so you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to sample some of the local liquor.

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