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Eating, Drinking & Nightlife


A city famous for its culinary presence, you won’t be short of places to dine during your stay. There are a number of regional foods found here, such as bay shrimp, Dungeness crab and amazing sourdough breads. There’s a fusions of cuisines and flavours found in the restaurants, influenced by the many nationalities that have come here over the years. You’ll also notice distinctive traits in each of the neighbourhoods.

Try The Redwood Room at The Clift Hotel for glamour, or the historic bars in the North Beach area. If you’re venturing out of the city, the Napa Valley is a wonderful place for romantic fine restaurants and locally produced wines. The San Francisco Super Burrito is another delicacy to try – a super-sized version of this Mexican classic, you’ll find these in almost every Mexican takeaway joint in the city. Packed full of grilled meats, rice, beans, avocadoes, salsa and cheese, then tightly wrapped in aluminium foil, these are well worth trying during your stay.


The San Francisco drinking culture is influenced heavily from the city’s history of charming speakeasies and cocktail bars. Many of the bars and lounges here still retain the glamour of their past, making for really unique and special hangouts. You don’t have to look hard to find the unconventional, such as ice cream bars and saloon-style cocktail bars.


SoMa, Mission or Castro districts provide club nights with a difference or for something more cultural try theatre listings. There are lots of art openings and evenings which are free, you just wander around and people come to you with leaflets and promotional material.

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